The Myth Project: Twin

By Amelia Evans & Duncan Graham with Dan Giovannoni
Arthur/MTC Neon, 2014

"Visually Twin is a great package, with David Fleischer's dazzling set design (comprised of shimering strips of silver), Owen Phillips' dark blue costumes contrasting each other nicely with Emma Valente's dream-like lighting design."—Robert Chuter, ArtsHub

Paige Rattray

Set Design
David Fleischer

Costume Design
Owen Phillips

Lighting Design
Emma Valente

"This is theatre that wants to create a world that's always questioning the world it's created in. Without using tired icons or even hinting at the obvious, Twin shows an Australia that's disturbingly recognisable and perhaps a lot closer than we'd like to think. Brilliant."—Anne-Marie Peard, AussieTheatre



Photography Credit: Sebastian Bourges


Owen Phillips, Set & Costume Design